Measure the impact of the Tutor Learning Initiative and monitor student learning in 2021

Date and Time

25 February, 3:30pm AEDT


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Debates about the efficacy and effects of high stakes assessments continue, and while teachers understand the importance of personalised learning programs, the practicalities of implementing them in the classroom has always been a challenge. The Tutor Learning Initiative has given Victorian schools a unique opportunity to provide personalised learning to students whose learning has been disrupted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also be a great opportunity to assess the impact of small group tuition, which research has shown to be highly effective on student learning outcomes. Join Mohamad Jebara, CEO and founder of Mathspace, as well as Daniel O’Kane and Craig Blake, as they present best practices for implementing small group tuition and introduce Waypoints; a new continuous standardised assessment platform. All teachers who attend this session will be eligible for a year’s free Waypoints access for all students participating in your school’s new tutoring program.

Learning Intentions

  • How Waypoints allows teachers to quickly diagnose learning gaps against the achievement standards from the Victorian Curriculum, and share this data with tutors and Student Achievement Managers (SAMs)
  • How Waypoints provides teachers and students with clear action steps for their Individual Education Plans (IEPs), to address these knowledge gaps
  • How Waypoints gives continuous, accurate data about each students’ growth to help evaluate the success of the Tutor Learning Initiative program at your school

Speaker lineup

  • Mohamad Jebara
    Founder and CEO, Mathspace
  • Daniel O'Kane
    Tertiary Online Math Educator and VIC Ed Tech Consultant
  • Craig Blake
    VIC Ed Tech Consultant

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