Teaching Networks to Year 12 Standard

Date and Time

24 Jul, 7:15am AEST


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In this talk, we will explore the interesting and surprising places that networks are embedded into our daily lives, giving us meaningful and engaging contexts to motivate each lesson. We will then cover the three major applications of networks (spanning trees and shortest paths, critical path analysis, and flow networks) to ensure everyone is across the material and ready to teach.
Along the way, we will highlight the important, and not-so-important, uses of language and notation that can easily cause a student (or teacher!) to feel unreasonably intimidated, and highlight delivery methods and classroom activities to truly bring the topic to life.
Note: this talk is the same as the one presented in 2018. We’ve had a lot of requests to present this again.

Learning Intentions

  • Understand spanning trees and shortest paths, critical path analysis, and flow networks.
  • Use appropriate language and annotation to ensure students’ clarity on networks.
  • Deliver high quality lessons on networks that will engage students.

Speaker lineup

  • Andrew Crisp
    Lead Content Developer

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