Lightening the load: An introduction to concepts in Cognitive Load Theory and tips to help students

Date and Time

4 Sep, 7:15am AEST


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The way teachers present information to students has a profound impact on students’ ability to learn. Cognitive Load Theory has a strong research base indicating that optimal learning occurs when the limitations of learners’ working memory are taken into consideration during the instructional design.
In this session, we will look at how humans learn from a cognitive perspective. We will then explore some of the key concepts within Cognitive Load Theory, as well as strategies teachers can use to help minimise cognitive overload and create the best possible conditions for learning.

Learning Intentions

  • 'Gain knowledge of some key principles of Cognitive Load Theory.
  • Understanding of how instructional design can contribute to students’ cognitive load.
  • Use strategies to minimise students’ cognitive load.

Speaker lineup

  • Erin Byrne
    School Liaison

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