Ready. Set. ENGAGE! An interactive chat on creating equitable learning opportunities in math

Date and Time

22 Apr, 10:30am EST


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An equitable learning environment is one where students of all backgrounds are given the same opportunities to learn. But how can we create that environment in a math classroom? This recording is from a live session at the NCTM Virtual Annual Meeting, where we discovered equitable learning opportunities in math, shared our experiences & some great resources you can use in your own classes!

Learning Intentions

  • Generate a deeper understanding of what equitable instruction is
  • Learn how you can teach math equitably
  • Explore how resources and tools are developed to support equitable math instruction
  • Experience samples of engaging activities and lessons to use with your students

Speaker lineup

  • Daniel Tu-Hoa
    Senior Vice President, Mathspace
  • Nicole Kleinmann
    Curriculum and Content Developer, Mathspace
  • Andie Hoyt
    US Curriculum Lead, Mathspace

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