From our students’ perspective: Making the transition to virtual learning

Date and Time

9 April, 6:00pm EST


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What is most important when building a virtual learning environment? How do students know what to do each day? What systems are essential to success? Hear from Lynda and Christina, two educators with a decade of distance learning experience, as they openly share their journey - and how to avoid the initial challenges mistakes they made in transitioning to online learning. Take the essential lessons they distilled - onboarding, norms/expectations, and connecting with students - to help you get started. This webinar will feature high school students from Visions In Education’s University Prep Academy sharing their experience teaching and learning in a virtual environment. The students will share their own stories in starting with virtual learning, identify important habits they have developed, and the challenges they face learning on their own. This is an essential webinar to see virtual learning through your students’ eyes as you move to distance learning.

Learning Intentions

  • Learn about the importance of connecting with students in virtual learning
  • Identify mistakes to avoid in transitioning to virtual learning
  • Understand how to onboard students in distance learning
  • Learn from students who are thriving in virtual learning environments

Speaker lineup

  • Christina McKinnis
    Principal, Visions In Education’s University Prep Academy
  • Lynda Laymance
    Vice Principal, Visions In Education's University Prep Academy

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