A simple guide to running a remote math classroom (Global Webinar)


As schools consider how they deliver teaching while students are at home, this is a great opportunity for teachers to re-think their classroom approach, instead of replicating the physical classroom online. The real challenge is not which platform to use, but how to effectively use combinations of digital tools to set up an online learning culture. This webinar is useful for schools that are already running remote teaching, or preparing to implement remote teaching. We are offering free access to Mathspace during the forced closures due to COVID-19. Attend this session for more information. NOTE: This webinar is being run across the US and Australia. It is on at 5pm EST on March 19 in the US and 8am AEDT on March 20 in Australia.

Learning Intentions

  • How to prepare your students ahead of school closures
  • Our favorite digital tools for an online math classroom
  • How to use Mathspace to amplify your digital classroom
  • Strategies to keep students engaged and create a class community

Speaker lineup

  • Jillian Green
    Math Educator and Curriculum Specialist
  • Daniel O'Kane
    Tertiary Online Math Educator and VIC Ed Tech Consultant

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