Our 3 top tools for the remote mathematics class: Mathspace, Slack & Zoom


This 60 minute webinar takes you behind-the-scenes of a digital mathematics classroom, which uses three key digital tools: Mathspace, Slack and Zoom. This webinar shows you the basics of how to use these tools together.

Learning Intentions

  • Communicate with students via Slack
  • Run virtual lessons with Zoom
  • Promote self-directed learning with Mathspace step-by-step student support
  • Assign tasks and lessons with Mathspace
  • Track progress and student data on Mathspace

Speaker lineup

  • Mohamad Jebara
    Founder and CEO, Mathspace
  • Jillian Green
    Math Educator and Curriculum Specialist
  • Daniel O'Kane
    Tertiary Online Math Educator and VIC Ed Tech Consultant

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