Ready. Set. ENGAGE! An interactive chat on creating equitable learning opportunities in math


An equitable learning environment is one where students of all backgrounds are given the same opportunities to learn. But how can we create that environment in a math classroom? This recording is from a live session at the NCTM Virtual Annual Meeting, where we discovered equitable learning opportunities in math, shared our experiences & some great resources you can use in your own classes!

Learning Intentions

  • Generate a deeper understanding of what equitable instruction is
  • Learn how you can teach math equitably
  • Explore how resources and tools are developed to support equitable math instruction
  • Experience samples of engaging activities and lessons to use with your students

Speaker lineup

  • Daniel Tu-Hoa
    Senior Vice President, Mathspace
  • Nicole Kleinmann
    Curriculum and Content Developer, Mathspace
  • Andie Hoyt
    US Curriculum Lead, Mathspace

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