Assess Yourself: An interactive discussion on student mastery and shared assessment strategies


The best part of conferences is learning from our peers. In this interactive session from the NCTM Virtual Annual Meeting, we discussed the meaning of mastery and shared our experiences and best practices when it comes to assessments. Also, get a sneak peak at the latest innovation in digital assessment resources - providing real-time insights in under 10 minutes a week!

Learning Intentions

  • Explore how to use your assessments to measure mastery
  • develop a greater appreciation for the different and unique assessment strategies used by our peers
  • Generate new ideas on how to use assessments in your classrooms

Speaker lineup

  • Daniel Tu-Hoa
    Senior Vice President, Mathspace
  • Andie Hoyt
    US Curriculum Lead, Mathspace
  • Rhonda Davis
    Customer Account Manager - North America

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