Pandemic Lessons: A “Relationships First” Approach to Personalized Learning


In this session we will focus on how a relationships first approach has helped foster student agency and personalized learning with an emphasis on the Four Cs (creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking). Additionally, addressing social emotional well-being in the classroom with simple strategies that have lasting impact will be discussed. Tools such as Mathspace, Pear Deck, Canvas, Flipgrid, and other 3rd party products will be discussed.

Learning Intentions

  • Discuss strategies for social-emotional learning
  • Explore the importance of relationships in building a classroom environment
  • Discover various tools to support student learning

Speaker lineup

  • Dr. Whittney Smith
    Principal, Mineola High School
  • Dr. Lisa Downey
    Assistant Principal, Mineola High School
  • Sabrina Knopf
    Math, Computer Science, and SPED Teacher, Mineola High School

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