Technology in Schools Post-pandemic: Where do we go from here?


Technology has proven to be a tremendous asset in the pandemic pivot over the past three years to support learning, but what do districts plan to do now that we are bringing students back in-person? Our panelists will share their respective viewpoints on determining how much is "too much technology" when using it to support instruction and overall student needs. What priorities should be set when selecting technology for schools? Attending to our students' academic and SEL needs shouldn’t be handed off to technology, but it can certainly be supported by technology in meaningful and beneficial ways.

Learning Intentions

  • National shifts in US schools: The response to covid & reimagining the future of learning
  • New research during covid: Blended learning models and neurological impacts
  • Attending to all student needs: learning outcomes and SEL via tech

Speaker lineup

  • Dr Kecia Ray
    Past president of the ISTE Board of Directors, Technology Research at Vanderbilt & Johns Hopkins
  • Dr. Frances Gipson
    Former Chief Academic Officer in Los Angeles Unified School District and professor at Claremont Graduate University
  • Dr Donna Wright
    Former superintendent of Wilson County Schools in Lebanon, Tennessee

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