Caring for the whole student and diminishing isolation in online learning


As schools shift to online learning, it’s important to understand that fostering relationships with students is the key to student engagement. However, given the status of where the world is right now, this connection has to be more than just academics. As an independent study school who has been engaged in virtual learning for over 10 years, we’ve invested significant time connecting with students and understanding the power of that connection. One hazard inherent to online learning is isolation. Using virtual platforms, we will show you how to connect students to a learning community where they can collaborate with other teachers and students to build relationships during this time of change.

Learning Intentions

  • Being curious about your student’s level of learning engagement
  • Reevaluating your role as a teacher during this time
  • Strategies to use when checking in with your students
  • Connecting with parents/guardians for student support

Speaker lineup

  • Christina McKinnis
    Principal, Visions In Education’s University Prep Academy
  • Lynda Laymance
    Vice Principal, Visions In Education's University Prep Academy

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