Flipping the Classroom to Build 21st Century Skills


The world is an ever-changing place. Access to digital skills are no longer a bonus but an essential part of education. Building 21st century skills will help prepare our students for these changes.
The “flipped” classroom provides students with opportunities for critical and creative thinking, as well as opportunities to collaborate. However, the process of “flipping” the classroom can seem daunting to many teachers. So in this session, we will use the SAMR model to provide teaching with practical, incremental steps they can use to substitute, augment, modify and redefine their classrooms.

Learning Intentions

  • To implement incremental changes to teachers’ classroom practices to help foster students’ 21st century skills.

Speaker lineup

  • Erin Byrne
    Head of Customer Success
  • Tamara Heaney
    School Liaison

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