Shaping Digital Resources: How we turn teachers' ideas into product features at Mathspace


At Mathspace, we highly value the feedback received from our teachers. It holds a crucial part in shaping the direction of our program, which in turn, helps teachers with a smoother implementation of Mathspace in their teaching.
General feedback points us towards the areas of the product teachers want to improve, while our customer discovery program allows us to work with our teachers to dive deep into the problem area and generate solutions.
Join us to learn about the process and meet some of the teachers that co-developed some of our recent features including Class Insights, Diagnostic Reports, and Task Templates.

Learning Intentions

  • To understand how teachers can influence the development of online mathematics resources to facilitate strong pedagogical practices.

Speaker lineup

  • Mohamad Jebara
    Founder and CEO, Mathspace
  • Richmond Foo
    WA Ed Tech Consultant

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